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[Feature] concrete chemicals - Adhara In Space - 02-11-2020

bet you thought calcium was fuckign useless huh you gonna hate my baby calcium like that you gonna diss my baby???
nah im just joking around ok so introducing

concrete bitches

this is a chemical that is kinda like metal foam
when u pour it on the ground it makes a wet concrete and once it dries it makes a dry concrete wall thats super beefy
dont punch it w/ ur fists, youll hurt yourself

you can try to destroy the wet concrete all u want tho, since that isnt as hard
im not gonna include the compare link in the patch b/c i want the recipes for this to stay secret
this baby also cant be smoked or foamed because lets face it, it could get real fuckin annoying real fast if some jackass went around splurting huge patches of concrete walls wherever they went

click on some sea floor (or make it if youre boring) with a beaker or glass or somethin to get some silicon dioxide (sand)
theres 4 different grades of cement to discover! since concrete is made out of cement, the goodness of ur cement powder will influence how much of a beating your concrete wall can take. 
the synthesis follows relatively realistic normal paths, so look around and see what kinds of stuff people put in cement to make good concrete ok? 

showcase video: (the bug in the video has been fixed, wet concrete gets deleted when you hit it enough)

dmi link:

if ur merging this and need the code, dm me on discord please, @adhara#4566, ill send you a compare

RE: [Feature] concrete chemicals - Camryn - 02-13-2020

Your code is publicly viewable on github.
This includes the recipe.

Not sure why you'd wanna make something this complex and in-depth secret anyway.

RE: [Feature] concrete chemicals - aft2001 - 02-14-2020

This is quite a nice idea! I like it!

Is it possible to reinforce the walls by pouring it over some kinda of rebar, first?

RE: [Feature] concrete chemicals - Kak0phony - 02-19-2020

Love this idea!

RE: [Feature] concrete chemicals - Frank_Stein - 02-19-2020

Could make a nice pair of shoes with these

RE: [Feature] concrete chemicals - pali6 - 03-04-2020

Merged. I think this could be interesting to improve to take ratios of the ingredients into consideration when it comes to concrete / cement quality and have the quality be continuous. But that's for future improvements.