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Ban appeal for ahead banned by magic mountain - Amanhead - 09-11-2019

My IRC/Discord Username: ahead
Date and time of the ban: 2019 10th of september
Who banned me: magic mountains (according to War C. Rhymes)
Message given in the kick, if present: unknown
Summary of events leading up to the ban
The conversation took place in:"#art", some person was angry about a certain individual.
I made a remark that goes a little something like this:"Punch shit, for no reason, be a they/them!".
I didn't feel comfortable one bit saying:"Be a man!" to a person who specified that they are a they/them, and i thought that replacing "man" with "they/them" would be funny.
The remark i made, i tried to make similar to one of the tgstation's ingame contraband posters, the "Punch shit" one to be exact, the description of which is:"Fight things for no reason, like a man!".
My memory of it was a bit fuzzy regarding the finer detailf of it, so my remark deviated from the original.
Minutes later, i get pinged by one of the administrators, asking what did i mean by that remark, i described to him in a casual manner that i did not feel comfortable saying:"Be a man!" to a person who specified themselves as "they/them".
I presume by "they/them" that person meant that they do not identify as a "he" or "she" as if it was the case that that specified individual wanted nobody to know what gender they were, they would have not specified anything.
Minutes later, there is a discussion about a more suitable alternative to "Be a man" for people who do not identify as "he", i understand that i need to explain myself a bit more and that i might be a in trouble, and explain the same subject but with the additional explanation that that remark was made to be similar to tgstation's in game contraband poster "Punch shit", unfortunately i do not have any memory of the events after that explanation, but i remember replying to the administrator one more time, before going offline, after checking my discord i found out that i was in fact, banned.
Why I should be unbanned
I think that my remark was misunderstood, and taken for an insult, which it never meant to be one, just a silly reference with some comedical value, based on the current circumstances and the person who i was talking to.
I apologise to the administrator with the nickname of:"War C.Rhymes" as i originally  mistook him for the person banning me at first.
I also would like to remark that i am grateful to the same administrator for specifying who actually banned me.

If i get this ban lifted but get my forum banned for shitposting, than this would be truly great

RE: Ban appeal for ahead banned by magic mountain - magic mountain - 09-11-2019

i did read the "be a they/them" as a sarcastic insult, which is why i asked. everything after that confirmed what i thought at first and so i decided to punt you. im really tired and about to sleep right now but i will talk about this more later.

RE: Ban appeal for ahead banned by magic mountain - Amanhead - 09-11-2019

whatever man

when you're in the mood to talk more, please explain what exactly confirmed the opposite of my explanation here.

again, it was just a joke, after the first reply as i slowly realised that you were in fact not just chit chatting with me but instead interrogating me, i paniked i wrote an even more stupid reply.

RE: Ban appeal for ahead banned by magic mountain - magic mountain - 09-11-2019

there's nothing really to explain, it was just my interpretation. it seemed like an insult that you tried to excuse when it drew attention. i asked several other admins who were around at the time to take a look at it and make sure i wasn't just being biased and everyone else thought the same.

still, i could be wrong, and believe it or not i don't like to ban people or call them liars. i'll lift this, there's no way to prove a feeling.