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[Setpieces] Double Feature - Grey Market & Kudzu Crevasse - Kubius - 06-19-2019

[Image: bothpieces.png]Two prefabs in one go. Double Dragon. One-Two Punch. Tag Team.

LEFT: Grey market, engaging in physical and electronic trades of semi-shady nature. Abruptly went out of business, with the former proprietors shredding evidence and turning tail as fast as possible. Solid loot complement, starts unpowered but can be powered up. Top left thing is an atmospheric processor (strictly cosmetic flavor).

RIGHT: Asteroid with kudzu-seeded crevasse. Fermids have taken up residence to gnaw at the growth. Few tidbits of loot including an artifact seed. Kudzu has been opacity/density/name/growth modified to match the real format of kudzu growth.

Standalone files (for easier prefab addition)
Grey market (needs 2 areas defined)
Kudzu rock