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End-of-round cast list - Zamujasa - 04-16-2019

At the end of a round, the game currently prints out a list of antagonists, their names, and their BYOND key (as well as the AI for some reason).

My suggestion in this thread is simply to have an end of round popup, possibly merged with the scoring popup, that lists the players, their initial (or updated) job, and their key:

Quote:Civilian Department Score: 12%
Profit made from original budget: 0%

Cast of Characters
WeedGoku420, as Captain Jon Pubbs
Jbjasdpgksd, as Research Director Sam Smiley
??????, as Chief Engineer Pi Napple

Ppppppp69, as Staff Assistant Spiff Dingus and Cyborg BORGOTRON

The Ethereal
xxRobustedxx, as Ghost Drone TW-666
Zamujasa, as an observer

Maybe with an option to go unnamed in the credits (as CE above).

RE: End-of-round cast list - warcrimes - 04-16-2019

cool idea

RE: End-of-round cast list - Wonkmin - 04-16-2019


RE: End-of-round cast list - Firebarrage - 04-16-2019

Working on it now. May as well have it replace the old round scoring system, which is broken as hell anyway.

RE: End-of-round cast list - Cirrial - 04-16-2019


RE: End-of-round cast list - Firebarrage - 04-16-2019

Basic version added - we may be adding some fun extras to this so stay tuned!