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New camera UI issue - Zamujasa - 03-15-2019

As AI, sometimes I like to keep one of the television interfaces up for watching the cameras or VR. The new update closes the window if you try to use it without your AI-eye being next to the camera viewer, so you can't keep it open and switch between them easily. (In fact, most of the AI's ability to view cameras in the old style is horribly broken and seems to fall through to the "deploy to which shell" menu.)

The new camera UI also outputs some messages when you try to switch to deactivated cameras. It would be really nice if it'd say which camera you had tried to switch to that was broken.

A way to refresh the camera list without closing/reopening the menu would also be nice.

RE: New camera UI issue - NateTheSquid - 03-16-2019

kind of related: the change camera network button only appears when in your mainframe, and when pressrd prompts you to pick a shell to deploy to for some reason, and doesnt appear to change the camera network, making it impossible to view mining outpost or robot cameras

RE: New camera UI issue - Zamujasa - 03-16-2019

The links when alerts pop up (e.g. "Fire alarm in Central Primary Hallway! (Camera 1 | Camera 2 ...") don't work, either, from what I've seen.

RE: New camera UI issue - Flourish - 03-26-2019

I fixed a small part of this; you can now teleport to the cameras from the alarm alerts even when in eye form. I'll do the rest later.