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should limit werewolf to certain pop amounts - NateTheSquid - 03-11-2019

i played as werewolf a few rounds ago, was my first time seeing them since they stopped being admin only. long story short, werewolves absolutely demolish a crew of about 20, and i'd guess any amount of people so long as they don't start working together instantly.

so anyway, werewolves shouldn't happen with low-ish pops, definitely not unless theres like 15 active people in the round.

however also i've heard that werewolves get destroyed if people do work together/if there's more people, so if there's a certain amount of people more than one wolf should spawn. i feel like 2 wolves could take out a shit ton of people however, so probably have a second if there's like 30-40 active people? i'm kind of guessing with the numbers

tl;dr, werewolves op, don't let them spawn with lowpop