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[Feature] Voodoo Camera - Kubius - 01-24-2019

Adds a camera variable, and associated typed camera variant, that permits binding a mob's soul to the image taken of it, permitting some remote interaction with the mob in question.

Included features are direct contact interactions (i.e. fire extinguisher), throwing (throws the mob in the same direction the photo was thrown), and crucially, face farting if the mob in question is lying down. Currently configured to permit a limited amount of attack/throw interactions, but var editing can permit unlimited interactions.

RE: [Feature] Voodoo Camera - Frank_Stein - 01-24-2019

[Image: HfpKuE3.png]

RE: [Feature] Voodoo Camera - MeWaka - 01-25-2019

Is this a traitor item? Or are you making it barebones so admins can code the rest? Do you pretend on updating it?

RE: [Feature] Voodoo Camera - Kubius - 01-25-2019

It's primarily a gimmick item - probably too powerful to be a telecrystal purchase. I had originally made it just to see if I could, but there was some interest in making it an actual thing, so I uploaded the files.

RE: [Feature] Voodoo Camera - Joefesok - 01-26-2019

tourist traitor item for 10tc