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Separate the "Other Foes" Category - Flaborized - 10-27-2018

Currently in job preferences, you can toggle most antagonist types separately. This means you could enable, say, nukeop but disable changeling based on whatever preferences you might  have. However, the category for "Other Foes" both enables werewolf and revolutionary. This means that if you want to have one enabled, you have to have the other also enabled. It would be nice to separate these so that players who want to be able to play one but not the other would be able to.

RE: Separate the "Other Foes" Category - Technature - 10-27-2018

Giving people more options is always a good idea.


RE: Separate the "Other Foes" Category - kyle2143 - 10-27-2018

I like it. I think it would also be useful to move antag choices out of the job selection screen and give it it's own screen.

Everyone can agree the charactersetup screen needs improvements, and if you don't then you're lying.

RE: Separate the "Other Foes" Category - NateTheSquid - 10-28-2018

no reason not to do this, i have a feeling code wise its not hard to separate them either

RE: Separate the "Other Foes" Category - MrMagolor - 10-30-2018

Given that werewolves are more common now, it makes sense to separate at least them.

RE: Separate the "Other Foes" Category - InternetDweller - 01-06-2019

Reviving this thread because of someone else's recent thread. Make this a thing coders (if you feel like putting the time into it, of course)!

RE: Separate the "Other Foes" Category - Flourish - 01-27-2019

Good idea!