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Full Version: Monkeys can use gun artifacts that haven't been activated
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I was testing a gun artifact today and a monkey walked on in and picked it up off the impact pad.
I walked over to shove it off him, and he shot me with it several times. I tested this several times and he did shoot me every time, but I think he was only able to get me in point blank range. I'm not sure if monkeys with guns normally prefer point blank range or what, or if it's just the game calculating the bullet damage when the monkey tries to hit me with the artifact.

To replicate: Get a gun artifact and give it to a monkey. Aggro the monkey and watch.
the monkeys know things. secrets. feature
[Image: Joel+voice+it+s+a+feature+it+s+a+feature...3676f3.png]
[Image: 5798488+_4db1b1e3304521e56570860e0dedbd42.jpg]
this is definitely a feature