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Full Version: Mentor Application: locusts/protowizard/Honey Nutt
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Usual Character Name: Honey Nutt, Project Bluebeam (Clown), A Real Human Boy (AI), Small Friend (Test Subject)
BYOND Username: protowizard
Recommended by (if applicable): Cirrial
Times Available: Weekdays, GMT 6pm to 12am
Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): I've been playing since the summer of 2015 now, and I've learned a lot along the way. You'll have seen me a lot in robotics, I consider that my default job and I like to think that I've mastered it (Dions may not remember this but a while back she said something in the IRC to the effect that I was the best roboticist on the station). The same applies to medical in general, I can add or remove most anything to a person, have constructed endless borgs in a freezing vacuum, know genetics inside and out, can create a killer disease that will wipe out the station, have (mostly) memorised which drugs do what and when to put a person in the sleeper.

I also have an extensive knowledge of science, telesci is something I've perfected, and artlab is something that, if I'm not at mastery yet, I'm close to. I have a solid grasp on chemistry (though haven't really gone on any turbonerd rampages with it apart from some basic things and stuff I got lucky with). Toxins I haven't really messed with yet but I plan to.

Outside science and medical, I know how to cook, raise plants, make things, mine, I know the general layout of the debris field and where to find cool shit. I know how to break into places, what to do as a borg and AI to make the most out of myself, and much more miscellaneous stuff. I've been successful as almost every flavour of antagonist. I'm not the most robust but I can fight reasonably well and I usually stay alive until the end of most rounds now. I'm more adept at stealth and subtlety. The biggest black spot in my knowledge is the engine and anything relating to it, I've never spent time with the thing.

I try to be good to play with but that's not really up to me to decide. I try to teach newcomers things where I can and be entertaining; I like enabling others to do silly things which is one reason I enjoy robotics so much, it brings more players into the round. I've done a fair amount of RP on Destiny since day 1 and I enjoy being there when the population picks up, and I'm on the IRC a fair amount. Overall I like helping people!
Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): None.
I did recommend, and as I said in #goonstation, Honey Nutt knows enough that I mentally file the character into the "do not cross" list.

I think locusts would make a great mentor, and definitely has the know how to be.
Honey Nutt is not a total butt, so I vote yes.
I dont remembrr enough of you in game cause my memory is shit, but you sound like one of those fancy miracle doctors, and mentors with extensive knowledge of useful fields always get a yes from me
I've seen you around a few timesĀ and you seemed competent and not rude and this is a nice application so sure.
You've been active in the community (I normally vote only on this and leave the competence stuff to everyone else) but, I do remember playing with you numerous times, and can attest to never having had problems with you.
You know the things and do the stuff. Main thing is I haven't heard anything bad about ye.

Also your main name reminds me of cereal so that's always a plus.
knowlegable player, purple the good roboticist.
Have had nothing but good experiences with Honey Nutt.
honey gutt am smart and would make good mentor
Honey Nutt is awesome to play with, they know their shit. Also very good at artifact science!
Honey Nutt is a cool dude and deserves the PURPLE!
A general cool dude as Honey Nutt. Project Bluebeam, however, I seem to remember nuking the mainframe in a Telesci focused round which I found really harsh and unwarranted. It might have been another clown with a persistent name though, it was a while ago. Still, definitely a yes.
I think I was there that round, it was a sol run and a clown destroyed the mainframe but I forget their name not sure if it was them or it was the same round that you are talking about but I still give my support.
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