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Full Version: Tooltips make stealth storages unstealthy
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Tooltips list the capacity of a stealth storage, making it even more obvious that the chainsaw in your pocket is actually a box.
I don't think that you can put a chainsaw in your pocket, nor that people can see what is in your pocket. And i am pretty sure this is a feature as it says in the wiki:

Starts out appearing like an internals box and can assume the form of pretty much any hand-held item. Unlike a regular box or backpack, using this container does not result in conspicuous text messages, it will however give away its identity upon close examination. The camouflage can be reset at any time if required.
tooltips reveal that it is a stealth storage though, this was a bad examplr cause if someone pulls a chainsaw out of a pocket, theyll know. this is a pretty bad bug though
I think detecting a stealth storage is supposed to be a little labor intensive. In the past if I cared enough to search for them I'd have to click drag each individual item to myself (or hold them in hand and check for the verb to turn it back into a box)
fuck i forget if we fixed this

gotta spawn one in if I remember
lmao i never remembered

yup it wasn't fixed