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Full Version: Items turn invisible when cluwned unconscious
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[Image: bugi2_zps90f1386b.png]
[Image: bugi1_zps79ec886f.png]

I was sitting in an ice cube, biding my time for the wizard to go away when I was caught by the blast of fireball. I blacked out and the ice cube broke, and I was cluwned when I still didn't see. This was the result when I came back to. Everything within my field of view had turned invisible. I couldn't open doors or move into the empty floortiles occupied by chemistry gear because of this, but outside the original field of view things looked okay.

Pretty damn weird, eh.
did you bust out of the cube through shaking or did you slide out as a result of the bug where the cluwne can sometimes spasm through solid objects?
the fireball broke me out of the cube, I was cluwned after that.
It's been a long time coming, 2 years have passed but I'm proud to say that this bug's been resolved.