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Full Version: Vyse11's Mentor Application
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Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): I've been playing Space Station 13 for years now and I have been bouncing from server to server plenty of times. I've finally come to the conclusion that the Gibbed servers are the best. Because of my quite vast knowledge of the game, I want to be able to assist new players in any way I can. I know that coming into this game can be a confusing experience, and I want to be able to give players just starting to play a smooth entry by allowing them to ask for any game tips they need. I have a fairly vast knowledge of game mechanics, and am willing to share them with players to a certain extent. Although I do not have any past authority on any servers, I think I would be a decent candidate for this one. I started on this server, and love it very much. I was playing way before poo was removed, and in fact I found out about it through PlumpHelmetPunk. But anyways, I believe that I could be a very helpful mentor, and a very useful addition to the team. As you know, there are many new players being introduced to the game, mainly because of the people who are uploading videos of it to youtube. So, quite a few of these players are unaware to vital game mechanics. That's why someone with a lot of knowledge of the games mechanics would be very helpful as a mentor. Also, I enjoy playing on Gibbed #4 most of the time. I checked a while ago, and a whopping two mentors were there. I checked Gibbed #3, and a whopping eight or nine were there. Although Gibbed #4 does not have a tremendous amount of players, unlike #3, two just simply isn't enough. My knowledge of the game mechanics spans quite far, I know a lot of engineering, electricians, botany, chef and barman, head positions, medbay. The only area I can safely say I basically know nothing about is research, and most scientists just make some sort of smoke and go spam the station with it anyway. But all in all, I think you can agree more mentors are needed on Gibbed, #4 especially.
I will play some more on Gibbed #3 in the following days, but my most common server is #4.
FrontlineAcrobat4 Wrote:Well regardless of your second identity or whatever I never seen you do anything out of the ordinary that makes you seem fit the position. You should play more often on gibbed three due to that being the largest server so people can see you in action.
If this guy plays on Gibbed #4, he must be silent, I can't remember him much.
I full respect that you play primarily on gibbed four, i'm just saying that gibbed three is the bigger server and people you can be noticed more frequently by more people
I play on 4 almost exclusively. I've never really seen this guy around. He's not done a lot to stick out, which can be both good and bad, but all and all, there's not much basis for making a decision. You might want to play a bit longer, and this whole Baily thing kindof put me off from the beginning. I'll keep an eye out for you
I've seen you around alright, you haven't gone unnoticed.
I think most people don't see you because of your time-zone though, although I could be extremely wrong as I am presumptuous half the time.
However, I'm leaning towards a no. Like others I haven't seen anything to make yourself stand out.
Don't take beat yourself up about though, be more pro-active in the game, truth is you could be a really fantastic x or a really great y but if you don't talk about it/flaunt it/boast it/torture people with it then nobody will know about it.
Try again sometime in the future.
Not enough to go on really. Apply again in a month or so.
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