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Full Version: Reagent Extractor not working right?
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I'm not sure that stuff in the Reagent Extractor is working as intended. What you'd think it does is grab a little bit from every reagent present in the inserted foodstuff until the container is full, but what is happening is that it just extracts whatever is at the top of the chem list and goes down the list until full - while everything below that gets deleted.

Example: a ghostlier chili with 47 juice and 47 capsaicin into a beaker of 50 units
Logical result: 25 juice and 25 capsaicin into the beaker
Actual result: 47 juice and 3 capsaicin into the beaker

As you can imagine, this is really annoying for any foodstuff with more than one reagent. Mind you it does divide the units correctly when you transfer it to a storage tank and then into a beaker, but it seems like a pointless extra step when you should be able to draw from the foodstuff directly.
Should be fixed the next time the server updates. Let me know if it did not.