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Full Version: Carpet glitch. Probably
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Spraying carpet everywhere with a flamethrower modified to shoot out carpet does not spawn carpet everywhere.

Tested this on 4 as a clown. Did not work confused

Also no one really reacted to the clown walking around with the flamethrower during a nuke round. Surprised no one made me unmask.
No idea why this doesn't work.
It's probably because, as far as my understanding goes, as opposed to carpet making an overlay on the floor or creating an object on top of it (e.g. colorful reagent and foam, respectively), it just straight-up changes the tile it's splashed on, which is technically a different reaction.
Putting carpet in the floor buffer doesn't have any effect either.
Paineframe Wrote:Putting carpet in the floor buffer doesn't have any effect either.
I have tried this so many times only to be disappointed each time frown
Is it possible that there isn't enough of the carpet reagent being deposited by these methods?
For the flamethrower, it is at least possible to make a carpet mix that foams or smokes upon heating, so you can use the igniter on the flamethrower to set off your horrible carpet spraying reactions. It may take a little experimenting to get it to work right.