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Full Version: Llewys Dawes' HoS app
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Usual character name: Llewys Dawes
BYOND username: TrustworthyFella
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Rybek#9495 or Ry "Oob" Blek
Recommended by (if applicable): Drago156, Enakai, Daire
Goon servers you play:  Exclusively 2.

Reason for application:
I want to show people that security isn't a bunch of antifun nerds, like some people claim, and to encourage more people to play sec, by setting a good example. Recently, you'll struggle to find a round where we've actually had a HoS, or more than two secoffs, one of which was usually me, even when there were some 40 people playing. As a HoS, I hope to encourage more people to play security, for the right reasons. Although I was going to apply anyway, I probably wouldn't have done it for another month or so, if I hadn't enjoyed the trial HoS rounds as much as I did. It showed me that HoS isn't actually as stressful as I expected, which is something I always thought would affect my play style, and is the main reason I put this off as long as I did.

Security experience (300 word minimum):
I first started playing security around October, wet behind the ears and a bit of an idiot. I'd only been playing for a month! I found the cat and mouse game of hunting antags and brigging them enjoyable, but I eventually realised there was more to the job than just beating up crimers, thanks to people like Julius Chauvin and Knight Torun, who were the people I learnt sec with. Thanks to them, I understood that security is a job where its not only expected, but more fun to socialise, and roleplay a bit with the people you're arresting. I started talking with people more, and being more lenient with brig times, and I enjoyed it!

I feel like I'm pretty lenient in general, when I play security, which is one of my main weaknesses. Whereas some people instantly execute rampagers, I find out how many people they've killed, and what sort of gear they were using, and make my decision from there. I do my best to only execute people in the field, if I've taken them in alive, they'll stay that way, most of the time. The only non-negotiables with me are explosives. If I catch you blowing up the station, your ass is going straight to robotics, no questions asked. Although I do usually try to avoid borging, and prefer to monkeyclone antags when possible, when a particularly robust antag is terrorising the station, its sometimes too dangerous to let them continue doing so.

I also do my best to keep the other secoffs on duty from being shit, by asking them what people have done when they're brought to security, and making sure they're setting the brig timers. Whenever I spot a new player, I'll also put aside some time if I can to teach them the basics, and its nice seeing them stick with the role afterwards, because we can always do with more regular secoffs, good ones even more so. Probably the most surprising experience I've had is during a HoS Friday round a week ago, a secoff beat up a cuffed gang member for no reason, and another officer just watched. I gave them both a talking to, and the security officer who hadn't stopped it ended up writing an apology to the gang member, which they gave them the next round. It was so wholesome, I might have cried a little.

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players?
    If theres two things you should do as a security officer, its communicate, and have a good sense of how the round is going. Whenever you go to do something, call it out over the radio first. If you tell your fellow secoffs where you're doing something, and whats going on, if things go bottoms up, we're much more likely to come bail your ass out, than if you were going it alone. As for knowing how the round is going, this may seem like common sense, but base your punishments off of not only their crimes, but also the pace of the round. If its half an hour in, and there's no other antags doing anything, or so it seems, its far better to monkey clone the ling/vamp/werewolf than it is to borg them. Not many people on goon2 enjoy extended, so by letting the antags continue on doing bad shit in this way, you're keeping the round interesting, while making your life easier than if you just let them go.
  • What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
    Honestly? Monkeys(player monkeys) deserve a nerf.  They're able to use the mail chutes to freely exit and enter sec/genpop, abuse hiding under tables and their small sprite to be a pain in the arse, and break into places with little to no effort. Apart from this, I think security is in a pretty good place right now, although the biological crate could be made seclocked rather than HoSlocked, now that its outside the armory.
Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun): 
  • What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
    Holding a trial for literally any crime, no matter how obvious it is that they did it. I reckon it'd be interesting to give them a bullshit rp way to get out of brig time, instead of just using lethals on them immediately, even if they did just eat the captain and four staff assistants.
Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):None
So I've had plenty of experience playing sec with Llewys, and also had the pleasure of interacting with him when I'm non-sec (being the shitter that I am). Therefore I think I can give a decent perspective on how he is as a player.

Llewys has great understanding of the dynamics of a round. Like antagonists, security are also the drivers of a round, and whether a round remains interesting or not is greatly influenced by these two roles. Llewys understands this, and from what I've experienced he also bases his decisions on what would reasonably make the round remain fun for all involved. He can be lenient to antagonists caught early (what fun is there in nabbing antagonists 5 minutes in, if they haven't bothered anyone much?), but is also robust enough to rein in any rampagers if need be. 

He's knowledgable, robust, shows and understands the important qualities that makes a great security officer. He's already shown that he's a good mentor, so I think the role of HoS is something he'll naturally settle into. Giving him the tools to better manage and guide security is something that I absolutely recommend.

A big +1 from me.
Llewys has always been a robust individual, even from his first days where I remember trying to put the cuffs on him for general crimes. I've witnessed him improve through the months and have seen him do excellent as a security officer! All of this and what Richard said and more is why he should be an HoS, and would absolutely make a great one!

+1 here
Llewys makes me feel like the proud security dad, watching his son head off to school for the first time. I've had the pleasure of playing security many times with him and we've both learned a lot from each other. He communicates, he's robust and he goes out of his way to make the round enjoyable for all. He'd make a fantastic HoS. Absolutely +1.
Llewys would make a great HoS, they're robust, fair and always a delight to work with. +1
Extremely cool dude, taught me how 2 law, +1
yes +1
Louis Dews was fun to play sec with I distinctly remember and they've demonstrated not only enjoying the position of HoS(good!) and an understanding of space law.

that was supposed to include +1 but I can't figure out how to edit
Good experiences with, even as rogue Borg +1
Ehm, +1. Good Secoff.
I've played with Llewys as security and he's a top-notched officer of the law. I trust trustworthy fella.
Llewys is a cool dude and as the gang member who received the written apology it certainly was a novel experience. +1 from me!