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Full Version: Enakai's Mentor Application
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Usual character name: Knight Torun/Leon Kado

BYOND username: Enakai

Discord username (if you are on our discord): sleep#4771. Usually my nickname is set to Enakai, however it is currently "Enacanyounot?"

Recommended by (if applicable): N/A

Goon servers you play: Goon 2.

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): 

Having been around under just about a year, as I started in April of 2019 (a wee little baby compared to the rest of you old farts), I've taken the opportunity to dabble in most departments and roles in order to get a firm grasp on the game. While I do primarily play security, medical and research, I understand the basics of most other departments. I've dabbled in mechcomp, adventure zones, bartending and a variety of other civilian roles. I particularly tend to enjoy the roles that prompt a lot of player on player interaction, which is probably why I tend to mainly play the more social roles. 

Since before I even received my beret, I had been trying my hardest to teach the fresh faces of security on how to enjoy one of the hardest roles in the game to its fullest extent and to stop them from being led astray by the evil known as Graytiding. There have been many rounds where I've taken a newer security officer under my wing and taught them the basics behind the role and how to better improve both their own experience and the experience of others they interact with. I now desire to expand my horizons and offer my assistance to any fresh faces, regardless of their department. 

In the more recent months I have taken the time to gain more knowledge regarding  med/sci, bartending and mechanical work so that I may properly offer my services to those in need. Whether it be genetics, mech-comp related shenanigans, teaching people how to figure out the cloner, item scanning, or working through the convoluted mess that is the Nanocrucible, I am confident that I have the ability to assist others where I was assisted.

I have always had a pleasant time interacting with our current mentors through mentor help and as they have built me up to the knowledge I have today, I wish to offer all that I have learned back to the community in order to improve the time that new players will spend learning our little fart simulator.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):

I received a ban in April 2019.
I mean, Knight is already an HoS, and a damn good one at that, so trust is definitely not a question in my mind.
and neither is knowledge or friendliness, I've seen Knight dabbling in a number of roles over the past weeks and they're always pleasant to just about anyone they encounter, I'd say if some of the current mentors we have now can do it, Knight can definitely do it.

+1 from this slightly oldish fart
Knight is a solid player and the HoS situation goes to show hes a good candidate. Consistently helpful and pleasant even during conflict. +1
Knight is a good and fun security player and they're also a very nice and helpful presence on the station in general. They'd make a good mentor!
Frankly I was already under the impression that you were a mentor already! Great security player, very good attitude and trustworthy! +1 from me.
Knight is a very fun player to play with or against. He is very fair as a HoS, skilled as his other jobs, and generally knows exactly what hes doing. Absolutely yes.
Knight is not already a mentor? Time to fix that. +1 from me too.
Give Knight the purp, he's already a damn good HoS, he'll make a damn good mentor too.
Knight is friendly, comical, and knowledgeable on both a personal and professional security level. I believe I supported Knight's HoS application and I would be happy to support their mentor application as well.
enakai's been a super nice player since they started and i'd seen them helping people around the station as best they could on a regular basis, yes from me
Good person, would be gooder mentor.

It's time to knight Knight.
+1 *salute
Enakai is a great guy +1