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Full Version: MechaDaleEarnhardt's Mentor Application
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Usual character name: Digornio Pizzarelli
BYOND username: MechaDaleEarnhardt
Discord username (if you are on our discord): digornio person
Recommended by (if applicable): SimianC
Goon servers you play: The non-RP one

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): Hi, I hate video games. I'm putting up this app because one or two people had told me I should do it over the course of a few months, and after a good amount of time loitering on it, I'm biting the bullet and plastering this up here.

One of the things I like to do ingame is to help people out and show them nifty, small little tricks in this 2d spaceman sim. While it isn't exactly something that can pop up every round, teaching people the basics of the game, giving out some sick tips on jobs / mechanics, and helping people get their bearings is something that genuinely makes my mood a bit better. Goon and SS13 in general was a bit confusing for me to get into initially, and being able to see more people get into the game without quitting or immediately getting savagely beaten is something I'd like to see more of. So here I am! Truthfully I'm also sorta hoping that becoming a mentor will help push me a little more to learn more about areas of the game I don't dabble too much with aswell.

I discovered this godawful game sometime around 2016, and if my memory still works, started playing on Goon sometime around mid-2018 under a different CKEY I don't really use now. I'll admit I saw goon as a super graphically spruced up codebase, but that was until someone offered me to check out the Adventure Zones. That part of Goon got me hooked due to the allure and secrecy of it, and I kinda delved way too deep into this awful game. There's been one or two moments where I've taken a month or two off since I got burned out, but I came back because of how fun the experience is. I've never played anything like Goonstation since I just haven't found anything similar. The secret chem stuff has also reeled me in for a bit longer than I've wished it has, as I've done a handful of chemnerding and have figured out a good handful of Secret Chem recipes aswell.

I have experience in most jobs barring the Engineering department, and I've dabbled with nigh all of them atleast a little. Generally, I feel like I'm more attuned with goofing around in chemistry or playing as a Chef/Barman. I'd have to say that my game-sense lies in more of a broad sense.

I can do a crappy basic char burn for the engine, know the basics of how the Mechanic's job works, sort of know how mining goes, and things like that. Being an Engineer and some of the more advanced junk you can do in the Mechanics lab are a bit out of my league. Though most other things, to my knowledge, tend to just require a split second look at a wiki page or an occasional refresher.

I'm hoping I'm not awful at giving people some pointers, instructions and tips. I tend to play this awful game a hell of a lot, and I'd like to be able to reliably help  out some dorks with whatever woes they shout at me whilst I try to scrub my shoes clean in a steak n' shake down in Nebraska. This hellhole has given me loads of moments of joy/wonder/discovery, and I'd like to give as much of that back ASAP.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): Don't think I've ever been banned on Goonstation
Yes go for HoS too
Absolutely +1. Digornio is always a pleasure to talk to, whether it be in or out of game. He's taught me a fair amount about ss13, whether it be directly or indirectly. Ditto on what OMJ said, you should apply for HoS as well.
Seconding OMJ. Yes, also, apply for HoS.
Yes, Very helpful and has the right attitude for mentor +1
I could have sworn you were already a mentor. +1, great attitude, great person, great application.
Yeah dude, absolutely! You're nice and you can type super fast!
Yes, a solid choice for a mentor!
Digornio is a super fun and hilarious player. Lots of good gimmicks and engagement with the crew. They have a great attitude about things and they'd make a great mentor.
Absolutely 100% purple this nerd 3 fold

Always a fun peep to be around and very knowledgeable. I would also recommend you to apply for HoS too!

Its about time this showed up. +1
Just dog-piling at this point, but very fun and funny guy. Yes.
Purple for Pizzarelli

Echoing what others have already said: Digornio is a fantastic spaceman, always good for a laugh and a pleasure to have around.

I've personally seen them take time out of their round to show new players the ropes and I have no doubts that they'd make a good mentor. And yes, apply for HoS.
Digornio good player. Only good memories. Go for HoS too I appreciate when you are secman.
Solid player, very communicative, thoughtful of others. Purple material for sure +1
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