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Full Version: Llewys Dawes' Mentor Application
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Usual character name: Llewys Dawes
BYOND username: TrustworthyFella
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Rybek#9495
Recommended by (if applicable):
Goon servers you play: Goon 2

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
I've been playing a while now, since September, and in that time, mentorhelp has been extremely useful, whether it be asking dumb questions, the answer to which should be obvious, or help with tatoring, I owe a lot of my knowledge to the folks in purple, and I'd like to give something back, which is why I'm applying. I do my best to answer people's questions over the radio, but I feel I could do more as a mentor, especially since there are some questions you can't always ask over the radio.

I'd say I'm fairly knowledgeable, and well experienced in all of the departments, except mining and cargo. I can set up a decent hellburn, getting up to the PW level, perform surgery without killing the patient, know enough about packets to get by (although not enough to teach, as I found  out one round. Sorry, Carbadox!) make most useful chems from memory, including some secret ones, and I've recently started learning pathology as well, with some (a lot of) help.

As I main scientist, exploration and destruction are probably my best skills. I would say I'm fairly knowledgeable about adventure zones, and the debris field, which I know like the back of my hand. I've done sol runs, know where certain items are, and the best way to get  them. I can make maxcap single tanks,  TTVs, and canbombs (without destroying toxins, or roasting all of research, which is the important part) and some pretty mean flamer mixes. While many of these things are generally regarded as half-secrets, giving  people a nudge or two in the right direction can be really helpful, as until I was given a quick session on toxins by Frederick Cooper, toxins would end up as a smouldering wreck nine times out of ten whenever I was in there, which sucks, since if you fuck up toxins, it's a  pain in the ass to get it working again.

All in all, I feel like being a mentor is the logical step forward for me. I'm knowledgeable, already do my best to help people who need it, and don't metagame, even when another player and I have agreed to do sol the next round over discord, and they're not on the PDA list, even though I'm 99.9% sure it's nukies, I'll carry on as normal, because otherwise, it's just no fun for either party.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None
Ive seen Llewys around the station and they seem to have a good constructive approach to the game. Saw you running multiple Sol rounds last night with solid cooperation and helping new players. Yes from me.
I'll always have a fond spot in my heart for the first time I met Llewys on the station. He's reliable and friendly and I'm constantly seeing him assisting other players, particularly around the research region of things. I think he'd make a wonderful mentor. +1.
I also remember Llewys only positively. I've answered my share of mhelps from them and they seem to know their stuff. The application essay also seems solid. I'd trust TrustworthyFella with mentorhelps.
Has a very good grasp of the game and goes out of the way to help players when it is appropriate. Trustworthy would make a great mentor.
A very helpful player! +1 from me
Llewys' mastery of the game is the reason that after years I finally managed/bothered to properly complete Sol and it was a joy to work with him and help the whole thing along.

+1 to mentorship from me.
I remember when this nerd was new to me, and they had a 100% positive attitude about whatever they were doing, whether it be robusting others or getting robusted to just doing general shit around the station.

This is a definite +1 from me
Llewys is a definite +1 from me, if only to get them outta the damn mhelps and answering the next class of weirdos asking weird questions I'd never even considered before.
Not played as many rounds as some of the others here, but, I have played enough to say I've never had an issue with Llewys's playstyle, and I have seen them teach without the purp a good few times, so, a natural fit.
Trustworthy and knowledgeable, good security!
yes +1
I don't know Llewys terribly well, but I have seen them around often and helping other scientists or doctors over the radio without embarrassing them for their lack of knowledge. Given the confidence of fellow mentors in Llewys on a personal level, I think I could support their application with confidence!