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Full Version: Nathan HoSloaf
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Usual Character Name: Nathan Zabloaf
BYOND Username: Nnystyxx
Discord Username: Ren#1859
Recommended By: N/A
Goon Servers U Play: #2

Reason for Application: I've done a lot of crime and learned a lot about the way the game is played, not to mention the various ways that it can be broken and cleverly used. I think that I would bring not only a presence of someone who's already trusted and cares about people's experience as players, but also, one who could provide unique perspective within the Security force.

Also I think I'd look nice in the coat but that's neither here nor there now is it hmm??

Security Experience: I've played Security a number of times, and some of those times have been as HoS. I've also spent rounds as NTSO operatives. I've had scrapes with a variety of differing antagonists and seen them in a number of positions: inside the Brig, the Port-a-Brig, I think there was an interrogation one time, and so on. I've worked to pursue potential antagonists as well as confirmed, and been part of small teams as well as working on my own (I prefer having backup, though, esp. since they serve as a good sanity check in case I'm doing something wrong).

Some of my favorite rounds, though, are the ones where not a lot happens around me. In these cases, I typically use my privilege as Security Officer to help the various departments function better, like assisting in cloning personnel and making sure they get their equipment back. These sorts of rounds make me feel Good:tm: about the community and the game and make me feel like a beacon of hope for the crew. It's a warm feeling.

On the jokier side, I remember fondly a time where me and another officer doggedly chased a Tommy-Gun wielding Tommeh Woseoaeoesu around the station, trying to capture him by any means necessary, including metal-foam grenades. I would love to do something like that again.

Incidentally, I also have experience with Security Officers, which shapes what I'd like to be as a HoS: the best ones being authoritative, but not cruel, interested in the welfare of the crew. I don't, however, want to be the type that overly aggressively tases people at any sign of suspicion or keeps people permabrigged. I had one round where my PDA exploded nearby a Sec officer, then his did too, and he assumed that I was the PDA-bomber despite the fact I had no PDA to send any of the bombs with. (In his defense, he might not have known exactly how PDA bombs work, but seriously.)

What advice would you give to other Sec players? Remember you are here for the crew. Not just your own personal glory or that of the Security team. Coordinate with them and gain their trust and most of all, set a good example, and you and your fellow officers will be rewarded in ways that go beyond a single round. Also use your barriers, those things are cool.

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer. When I play solo-sec, I prioritize being just a generally nice dude. I know that if I get people's ire, or that of an antagonist, I can't expect much backup, and I'm not the most robust. If I do go after an antagonist, I prioritize defensive maneuvers like using my barrier tool often. If I play in a group, I try to find a niche for myself on what particular threats or tasks to follow up on.

What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players? I think some way of recognizing Sec officers, whether by the HoS or other Heads or the Crew, would be nice. A sort of commendation system for players who did a good job in some way or another. (I'm gonna make a Suggestions thread for this, actually. . .) I think a way to validate Good Sec would make the job a bit more rewarding.

What's a security gimmick you'd like to run? Honestly I would like to see more actual trials or, failing that, more usage of the electric chair over the gibber. Put some pomp and circumstance into it.

Draw a picture!
Does this old meme I made count?
[Image: X7JZZcj.png]

Previous Bans: 0. I do not have the Banned medal and I have no ban appeals posted. I am a pretty good noodle.

Oh god dammit. Please ignore the fact the entire thing turned into a link. That was not intentional.
Great officer, played with nnystyxx numerous times over the years. All of my yes.

For what it's worth - great player in general, active in the community and has a good sense of what "goon" is.
Definite yes from me, Nathan is a solid player and sec off and has a solid understanding of Fun™ and can help add to station by being HoS
Solid player overall. Good mentor. Positive contributor to the community. Give hat.
Absolutely solid security. A+ quality application.
100% A+ nerd all the way around. Since when I first joined Goon to now, Nathan is a very familiar name and a very good person for practically any position.

I appreciate Nathan in both Security and Medbay. QM is a different story..

I fully support their application.
Finally got a chance to play sec with them for a few rounds yes