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Full Version: Arby9011's Mentor Application
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Usual character name: Liliy Rothchild 
BYOND username: Arby9011
Discord username Arby#6661
Recommended by: Several regulars on goonstation RP and Flourish 
Goon servers you play: Goonstation roleplay only 

Reason for Application: Ok, so you know: it's me again! Im sure those who are reading this are from the roleplay station and/or been victim to one of my gimmicks. I have been driven to find out every secret in the science department, giving people tips towards some secret chems using spiders & love as my introduction into secret chemistry.

 I have been playing for over 6 months or so. I believe this means I have a solid grip on the game, understanding all the basics and some of the really odd mechanics to SS13.
 I really enjoy bringing the community together in goon RP and to make people have a good time. Teaching people fills me with satisfaction, especially in secret sciences. I like to show people around the adventure zones and answer any questions regarding it (If they know the secrets they can ask a little more ;3 ,or this ruins the fun of it!). 

When I started to play it was an incredibly hard learning curve. When new people join I have tried my best to show them how to do the most basic of things like going to the loo or operating the chem dispensers. I enjoy watching people I have trained grow and prosper into great rpers/players, giving me great satisfaction (even when they become mentor before me hehe). Now for me, talking to people really made the game fun for me and homely. Having a great speech or talk before dying as the bad guy makes the biggest difference. Try to play out every round like a story for people to remember, for that is my aim! 

I cannot teach people everything, as not even I know everything! I can't lie ;3 . I can only try my best with such things as engineering and mechanics or genetics (curse genetics). In fields I know like the back of my hand, I will show them what I know until they have got a firm grip. I really enjoy gimmicks and events, trying to the best of my ability to get them done with the resources I have available. 

The reason why I want to be a mentor is to show new people that im here to help. People still come to me for help, but just to show new players there is someone available in RP to be there, as sometimes it can be a bit too overwhelming for them. 
Now, I am still a little devil, however! 

Liliy Rothchild

Previous bans: None, from what I recall
It's all true! Arby knows so much it's unreal, and helps people learn the ropes. It's a crime that she isn't a mentor yet! When Lilly's on board it's a shift to remember!
Another ArrPee mentor who forgot to mention me by name when I said they should apply for mentor and did. :P Arby definitely knows their stuff, hell, knows more then I do about a lot of the hidden mechanics and science and Sol tied stuff, helped me a ton when I was starting out. I've got no doubt she'd not abuse the (fairly rare) mhelps we get on RP, and there's plenty of stuff she'd be able to help with that I couldn't, and I am not sure how many mentors could even, in terms of nitty gritty mechanics of stuff like chemistry and telesci. Absolutely has the mentality for being a mentor, and to be honest already acts like one, all the purp would do is enhance how she acts so far.
Yes Arby is an asset to the community and well known and liked, and is often the central driving force of turning a boring shift into one that has a lot going on.
While I haven't interacted with Lilly as much as other players, they seemed very knowledgeable and helpful! As well as that, this is a very well-written application! I think they'd fit right in as a mentor!
I don't play on the RP server that often but whenever I do and meet Liliy it's a pleasant experience. The application itself also looks solid and I think you'd make a good mentor.
Echoing what everyone else has said, Liliy is very nice, approachable, and helpful, and would make a good mentor!
Liliy's a very all-around solid RP regular and I'm convinced their pressence there as a mentor would make the server feel more welcoming overall.
Ok so technically I'm not allowed to write this reply as I have my own application open but even if my vote won't be considered I need to show Arby my support.

She's an amazing player and a pillar of the RP community, her knowledge is vast and unmatched by everyone else I know. Always available to teach new players and help them make their first steps into the game, all she misses is just the purple. 

To wrap it up, I must say this application is well written and she's more than deserving of the role of mentor, please give her the purple!
cool rp nerd with more knowledge than me in chems
Arby is a good person who would be an excellent addition to the team!

fun nerd who knows stuff and seems cool +1
Can't say I've ever had a bad experience with them +1