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Full Version: Gio27's HoS application
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Usual character name: Gavin Nedry
BYOND username: Gio27
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Gio27#8297
Recommended by (if applicable): Varatio, The_Nicked, Arby9011, GiornoMicrofono, JustGabry
Goon servers you play: Goon 1 (RolePlay)

Reason for application:

I really wanted to apply for the Head of Security position since a while, playing exclusively on the RP server I noticed how security is often absent or not nearly enough equipped or staffed to deal with the possible antagonists. This makes the round a lot less challenging for the antagonist and less enjoyable for the crew as who should protect them is not there.

I do think that security is essential and my dream is to have it functioning as a cohesive and professional department, as of this teaching new security players how to be a good officer is important to ensure they behave in an appropriate way to the RP context (Processing prisoners, not using lethals when not needed, knowing antags have rights too...) and also react appropriately to minor crimes, dispensing tickets and fines when necessary instead of escalating a situation creating a chase. 

A security officer must, in my opinion, also be friendly and polite, showing empathy and not acting as a robocop while still making the crew respect space law. Teaching players to be good officers is difficult without having a rank advantage, as many of them will usually not listen to a fellow peer.

To be an HoS would also mean an increase on the overall efficiency of the department itself, as an head can use it's authority and it's access to, as example, get the printout instead of having it flushed as soon as it arrives or limit the captain authority in some occasions, like when he is ordering an execution or when he's an antag himself.

I also think that the presence of an HoS on board would greatly encourage people to enlist, as the department is often understaffed and the possibility to act as a well coordinated team, have a proper training and feel that sense of camaraderie typical of security would encourage people to give the job a try.

Last but not least, even if it does not happen frequently, sometimes the armory access is really needed to deal with some of the most serious threats.

I hope I have been clear enough!

Security experience (300 word minimum):

I have played security or command acting as security since I started playing on Goon RP and from that point I learnt a lot: the importance of forensic and CCTV, how to use secmate, process prisoners giving time discounts for cooperating... but after all my security experience is all centered around patrol and response.

Being on patrol is great, both for the crew and for the officer as the crew will often stop to start small conversations and build up their relationship with the officer or generally have a chat while the officer can stay on the lookout and keep things under control.

I would define myself as fairly robust but my main strength relies in surveillance and intelligence, using the printout to have an hint on the antag identity, keep an eye open for him and using CCTVs and PDA messages monitoring once in a while. It is more like the KGB than standard security, but it's incredibly important to know your enemy before acting, as you know his capabilities and thus have more chances of performing a non lethal arrest.

Other than this my experience consists in maintaining general order, prosecuting assault, trespassing and all the other minor crimes making often use of tickets.

Answer two or more of the following:

  • What advice would you give to other sec players?

  • I would recommend other security officers not to take their job too seriously, interacting with the crew and, maybe the most important thing, processing prisoners are the basics for a fun round. Also, communication, it really is the key to apprehend a suspect in the most efficient and bloodless way.

  • What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)

  • I was playing as a security officer and we had to capture a changeling that just escaped using a pod, me, the detective and the captain were thus planning a trap. We tried to lure him to the podbay while I took an armed security pod and hid in a dark part of the station border, waiting for the detective to signal me, as we were split in two teams, him and the captain on board and me in space. It was good because we tried to act as a team and kept coordinating ourselves, so even if the changeling eventually didn't fall for it the round ended up being extremely satisfying. Sometimes losing is half the fun.

  • What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?

  • I think something that could benefit security players would be more equipment, both the hacking one and the standard one. Security is extremely unprepared for what the officers have to face, even using tear gas requires an officer to get a gas mask from the nearest maintenance tunnel. I also think that the security roles should require a minimum number of hours played to be selected.

  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
  • Playing as the only security officer is something on which I can't really objectively comment, especially because I grew used to it. Sure thing, it's stressing. You start the shift. The printout comes. You know an antag is out there. As of this you are anxious, you keep your distance, you take precautions (Like giving the data disk with the cloner scan to someone in the medical department). You know you will be probably caught off guard. And, worst thing of all, you know that if you fail there will probably be a bloodbath.
    Working with a team is all the opposite, you can use complex strategies, have someone you know you can trust and that will help you if needed. You have someone to make theories with and someone that will notice you are missing if you get ambushed, thus at least alerting the crew if it's too late to save you. It adds a sense of safety and camaraderie you simply can't have while playing alone while also increasing the overall department efficiency.
Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
  • Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.

  • Here it goes, the shift starts
    I can already, hear the clown farts
    to exit the room I open the door,
    a banana peel, I'm now on the floor.

    The radio then screams: Help west maint
    but when I arrive, it's full of red paint.
    I see the body and start dragging it
    i hope the scanner still reads it.

    It would be a shame to lose him now
    without even hearing what he did know.

    The shuttle then comes, no one recalled
    at least the vampire, didn't get him thralled.

  • What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?

  • I have always wanted to make a custom structure off station to hold criminals there, and I managed to do that on Horizon, repurposing one of the structures in the surrounding environment. I left a full EVA suit and a jetpack behind some bolted doors, then the prisoner would need to find all the tools to open them, starting with insulated gloves and a screwdriver, then using the screwdriver to open a door and getting a wirecutters, using it to mend some wires and get a multitool and a crowbar to finally have the possibility to escape. Basically a little puzzle brig.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None.
Gavin is a fantastic sec off, he will kick your ass but without letals so I think he would be a fantastic HoS and he deserve it so yeah that's my opinion
I'm speaking off a small amount of rounds, but the ones that were there I have had a good impression either observing or working alongside as a HoS or AI with them.

Level-headed, fairly competent in terms of security experience and proper procedure, at one point helping out by deducing a suspect's prints by cross-referencing corrupted glove fingerprints vouching towards forensics competency as well.

The player mainly resides on the roleplay server, though I believe they would do fine on the regular server as well and I don't believe such matter is a metric for someone's preparedness for the head of security role anyways. In terms of communication my experience was great and I cannot confirm but believe and hope it is and will be the same for anyone interacting with them.
I would like to also formally recommend Gavin as a HoS

As a person playing the game, as a player in the game and as someone who is an integral member of the roleplay community on SS13, Gavin is an exceptional person.
I've not once witnessed them commit any breaches of the rulest.
They are formal and roleplay well.
They take their job as a member of security seriously even with the added level of roleplay on top of that.
They don't piss around or abuse their position and they are respectful to other players and foster a interesting and fun environment for other security players.

I have nothing to add about them that could be a negative aspect at this moment in time and I believe they will make a fine addition to the role of HoS and the HoS group as a whole.

Best of luck to you Gav.
Having been both the... less the reputable captain, and antag head against Gio's Secoff, I definitely, wholeheartedly recommend them for HoS, and I have been pushing them for applying for a while now! They resort to non-confrontational means of deescalation where they can, and should they fail there, then they have proven a robust thorn in my side as an antag many a time. While Gio certainly isn't incorruptible, they've definitely resisted much more then most SecOffs would to a captain enticing them to do my work for me to go much further then Spacelaw demands! Having the keys to the armory and the Lawbringer would definitely be a good addition to Gio's toolset, and would almost certainly not be powergamed, as Gio has not once that I've seen even tried to take the bait I left him, be it things like better lethals without reason, debris goodies, or so on.
Similar to Gerhazo, my experiences are kinda limited. However, from what I have seen, Gio is a good sec officer and would also make a good HoS!

For instance, there was a shift where Nanotrasen blew up the station and forced the crew to evacuate to the diner. Gio was an officer and did a very fine job of organizing the crew and ensuring that things went as smoothly as possible. They communicated well and roleplayed with others, and it was very nice to see.

So, yes, give 'em the beret!
I've played with Gio a lot, he's really cool
He roleplays soooo well, communicates with everybody, is really friendly and fair. He always seems to have everyone's fun in mind. Every round is a blast with him around!
I've had great experiences playing with him, both when cooperating together and even when going up against him as an antag!
He even taught me how to play security proper!!
I think he's more than deserving of the HoS position
So so here we are, I never write these things but since I have seen that GIO is I have to approve that he should be the HoS of RP. He never ever picks any other role that the security officer for the station, he always follows COC when ever I am captain and followed the space law to a T. He doesnt abuse his power when he is security and when he joins the server I feel a sense of relief knowing that he can deal with all the stuff and crime I dont want to. He has fallen victim to me many a times but never grudges or power games against me with the secuirty tools.

Hes a cool collected character which I have seen him train new sec members showing them how to follow space law and use tools.

He needs the hat :P *snaps fingers*
I haven't actually seen you, as I don't often visit the RP server. However, I will say, I do appreciate your application a lot. Taking Security too seriously is a pitfall a lot of people make, so I like that you explicitly stated that you try to avoid playing like that and instead try to interact with the crew. I'll give you my support.
I've observed Gio a few times and they are a consistently good sec officer from what I've seen! +1
I think that Gio27 is one of the best Security Officer I've ever seen, I would love to see him HoS. He's a competent Security Officer and a good roleplayer and he's always on the server.
Just today I spotted him @ sec, teaching a brand new officer the ropes, such as what to ticket for, etc.
In addition, heard stories about him very skillfully 'defusing' situations constantly.