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Full Version: Mentor Application: Lily White
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Usual character name: Lily White

BYOND username: Rodney Dick
Discord username (if you are on our discord): good grief#2574
Recommended by (if applicable): Urs, Pali, Lizzy, Vex, Tewf, Sacchamp, several others (sorry if I forgot!)
Goon servers you play: 2
Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):

I started playing in February this year, was instantly hooked, and have logged a great many hours since. I lurked I'm fairly experienced with most of the roles on the station, but there are a few systems where my knowledge is rudimentary at best (deep botany, mech-comp, packets and pathology, primarily). I can usually be found in the vicinity of medbay, or running around screaming as a staff assistant in a princess outfit.

I really love the complexity of the game - it's so clearly a labour of love, the like of which is really rare to see. It's so whimsical and silly, but also lends itself to creating moments of intense tension that you can't find anywhere else. However, even more central to my enjoyment are my fellow players and the culture of the server - It's a community that manages to be incredibly wholesome, creative and respectful, even when we are trying to brutally murder one another in new and interesting ways. I really credit the moderation team for their transparency and unapologetic commitment to enforcing the rules. Goonstation is a rare place where everyone can feel comfortable and have fun, together. They should be proud.

I really enjoy teaching new players, and helping them overcome the crazy learning curve (the downside of such a dazzling array of complex systems). It's extremely satisfying to watch people pick up the skills, and especially so when your timely assistance plays a role in them choosing to stick around! At this point, I've given almost a dozen new players a standardised tutorial dealing with UI, controls, how to gain illicit access, medical chems and basic limb surgery (time permitting). I'm always more than happy to chime in with information if I see someone in need, and generally try to ensure that everyone is having as much fun as possible.

So why am I applying? Because Urs has been yelling at me for months!
Yes, absolutely, a million times yes. A friendly and knowledgeable player that I've already seen help others numerous times. I mean just look at the list of recommendations. Purple Rodney 2day!
Second sentence is supposed to say "I lurked in the discord for a while, too."
+1, consistently helpful & fun player (thought they were a mentor already!)
About goddamn time you got this done +100
A really nice person to talk to and enjoy playing with,something like this a great thing to have as a mentor.
Overall helpful too.
Lily is very fun and helpful and always great to see around the station. Yes!
About time! Lily White is one of the most patient and friendly players on Goon at the moment, and has proven themselves time and time again to not only be incredibly knowledgable about the game, but to be able to learn new things extremely quickly. No doubt in my mind that they'd make a model mentor, +100.
By all accounts, is already a mentor in everything but title. give Lily the purp.
1000X yes, Lily is a saint on the station and manages to make every shift they are on enjoyable.
Absolutely yes! Lily is a superb player! Fun, friendly and knowledgeable. Absolute +1 from me!
I could have sworn Lily was already a mentor. +1
Wait, you weren't a mentor already? Really? Huh, well then. Time to fix that I suppose. +1
i remember Lily being very solid outside of some very specific outlier situations and also had thought they were already a mentor, which I'm in favor of.
Don't forget Flourish here! When someone spawns in as a space bee with a santa beard and hat and talks about the joys of giving others the gift knowledge to encourage you to apply for mentor, it's definitely a recommendation.  

As for myself, I'm putting in Yes. While I can't say I've seen Rodney Dick teach new people myself (though I could definitely see them do so!), I can definitely say they're generally very sweet, warm, and welcoming--exactly the kind of person a scared, nervous newbie who's constantly worried about people judging them needs. I specifically remember them comforting LizzyDamska after they expressed how awful they felt for a previous Sec round. Plus, they're very fun to play with, and their application really shows they understand what makes the Goonstation community so strong.
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