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Full Version: Karmahunter's HoS application
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Usual character name: Jacob Mcintosh
BYOND username: Karmahunter
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Karmahunter#9102
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: I usually play on LLJK #2 but can sometimes be seen on the other servers occasionally. 

Reason for application: My reason for this application is just because I feel like I'm more than prepared to take on more responsibility and help teach the new security officers how to properly handle situations and such. Not only that but I just feel like we need more head of security players on at times it seems to be kind of inactive as a job lately.

Security experience (300 word minimum): My security experience is extremely long as I've been playing on goon station for a very long time and main security as it's the most fun thing to do rather than just running around causing crime and mischief. I've been playing SS13 for around eight years now, I started out mainly playing on facepunch station and TG station and majority of the time played medical and security one of the first things I did was of course go and mess around on sandbox servers to learn the combat after I learned how to do the basic things such as movement etc but other than that I've mostly just messed about as security and learned from some of the best head of securities like Sundance and Oddball. But majority of my time playing as security is mostly just trying to make sure everyone is having fun and not just ruining everyone else's experience. I've had a lot of time playing as the rough security officer who is just out to valid hunt and things like that, and it honestly just bores me to do that anymore so I try and have fun with antagonists instead of just being the classic arrest and baton them to death officer usually i'll just confiscate their items and release them after a brief jail sentence for whatever crime they may have committed to even be suspected. I often will try and create some kind of interaction between security and regular crew members in hopes to encourage them to come to us more often for any issues they may have or just generally make them more friendly towards us and less likely to cause havoc and run into security to just mess about and steal security equipment and such. But generally i'm just relaxed and out to have fun with others.

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players? One of the best advice I can think is to interact with the crew more often, if they like you they're more likely to be on your side or report things to you instead of trying to take it into their own heads. But other than that I would say just keep a cool head at all times you can't get too upset over this game and do something you would regret later on. 
  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer. My play style definitely changes because I enjoy communicating with my security team  and working together rather than just being the only officer around, but generally I try and play a bit more safe as i'm the only thing between the crew and any antagonists usually when i'm solo. 
Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
[*]Draw a picture!
Classic picture of a HoS arresting a clown for lubing the station, the banana peel lays in failed attempt to slip him.

[Image: 1G8KKF0.png]
Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):  i was a turd in a punch bowl for a while there including rape jokes, asking for stuff in adminhelp, and other motherfuckry, but i kept my nose clean for the last five years - Pope suggested that I should just summarize 
I can't say that throughout my 3 and a half years that I recognize your name, but I have no doubt I've seen you play before.

As to your app, it seems you know how things go and i've no doubt you have the experience from hoe long you've been playing and the fact you are a mentor means you can be trusted to not be poo.

+1 from me, I don't see why not
always been competent +1 from me
For some reason the first time I read this application I had a massive brain fart and forgot who Jacob was. Then i reread it just now and my brain worked correctly. Jacob knows how to be a good officer and is worthy of a beret. +1
I've played Security with him a few times now. He's very relaxed and reliable, but not unfun. He's a very good egg. Big yes.
I've been in rounds with Karma as Jacob, never been a bad officer, neither too harsh or lenient in my experience, not sure I've been a secoff aside them, but, that's why I ain't blue yet. I'd definitely say they'd not make for a bad HoS.
blue-hair people rise up

It's a Yes from me. Though I've only seen them the month, I've always seen them as a good officer who's quite robust, yet laid-back and fair. Allow me to share a recent admin round that I think exemplifies both these aspects of Karmahunter. I don't have a log of the events, and my mind's a little scattershot today, so I apologize if it's a little hazy.

During this round, Firebarrage ran a fighting tournament in the VR Thunderdome. At some point, Karmahunter was paired with someone who apparently went braindead and had to fight the opposing team 1 v 2--and won. Now, there's a few situations where one person could easily take down two others, but everyone had similar weapons and equipment, so I chalk this up to robustness.

But of course, being security isn't just about robustness; it's also about making people's rounds more enjoyable. After winning the tournament, Karmahunter was granted macho man powers.  Later on, they found some people skating around in Cargo and shouted "Who wants to see some macho madness?" or some such. After receiving no answer, they chose to spare them, saying "Nope, just some rad skaters here." Perhaps they didn't know if they could attack who are skating, and maybe you could call it weakness or cowardice, but to me, it seems they realized these people were having enough fun skating about and they didn't need to attack them or anything to make their round more interesting.

Another thing, there was this roboticist (I think they were a roboticist, at least) they kept tearing the limbs off of. After tearing their limbs off the first time, they chose to let them live. Through some miracle the roboticist made it back to their lab and convinced a med doc to make them some new limbs, whereupon the machoman attacked again, although not to much effect since the roboticist was still limbless.  Sometime later, the machoman vaporized them into a cloud of blood, I think at their own request, and I think the guy afterwards talked about how much they enjoyed the experience in deadchat. Again, I don't have a full picture of Karmahunter's mind during all this, but considering, they could have just beaten the roboticist to death or used any of their kill skills at any time, but didn't, I think this illustrates they understand why it's sometimes more fun to be merciful and let people go than murder them right then and there.

But anyways, however hazy this memory, I still think Karmahunter would be a good HoS. They know first-hand why playing security to "win" against antags is ultimately unfun, and they really try to improve the round for everyone as Sec. It seems they really the lessons of the old guard HoSes to heart.