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Full Version: Spy Thief item deliveries that require a specific location are broken.
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In the spy thief gamemode, any bounties that require a location, IE require you to send the item from a specific room, did not work.

This was discovered on Cogmap 2 when 3 different items in 3 different bounties failed to be accepted, the most egregious being it not taking a security headset in the security foyer checkpoint.


1. Be spy thief.
2. Get a bounty that requires sending from a location.
3. Go to that location with the item. Attempt to send it.
4. Be annoyed and doubt yourself when it tells you you're in the wrong place.


Large object bounties labeled as "Anywhere" functioned correctly. From this I'm assuming any bounty with the location as "Anywhere" functions normally.
I was unable to test this with smaller objects (bodyparts) because I was unrobust.
Confirming that the behavior as described above seems accurate. I've observed non-Anywhere bounties simply not working at all (claiming incorrectly you're in the wrong place).
Confirming this is still a bug, gotten several ahelps about it.