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Full Version: Re-add 'access ship computer' or whatever verb to upper right tabs
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The recent update to pods has apparently resulted in the disappearance of the 'ship' tab; unfortunately, not all the verbs in that tab are represented in the upper left row of buttons. One in particular (that I don't recall the exact wording of) opened up a menu that showed you the engine's strength, all the pods' modules, their power usage, and let you toggle them on and off or change their weapon mode (mostly only relevant for the cutter/foam weapon). As someone who fucks about in space a lot, the loss of this is a bit frustrating.

Overall I'd prefer the ship tab back since I don't find bars of buttons very intuitive or quick to access (pods in particular can be annoying since the buttons all disappear if you get disconned inside one), but I understand that the coders are trying to remove the tabs full of verbs entirely. If that's the case here, I'd really like at least the aforementioned verb restored or a shortcut added to access it.
this is a bug, will fix