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Full Version: Wizards cannot return to den
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Disclaimer: on Oshan station, if that makes a difference.

Played a wizard round on Oshan, the *wizard's den entry did not appear in the telescroll list, preventing me from grabbing a spare staff
Yes. I think I was a wizard in the same round as you which prompted this post.

I noticed this bug as well, it literally killed me because I ended up choosing medbay which dropped me right in front of Kiki the Detective. When I had several warm donkpockets, mugwart tea and the medibot waiting for me at the Wizard ship.
Some communism-themed wizard reported the same thing a few days ago from today, this time on Cog1. They suggested that this might be related to the fact that Wizard's Den has also been removed from the ghost teleport list.
Yeah I can also confirm wizard den is not on the teleport scroll list at least on cog1 and cog2 rounds.
This is now resolved.