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Full Version: Cannot toggle meson cybereyes
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When I replaced one of my eyes with a meson eye, I discovered that, unlike with the goggles, I couldn't toggle the meson vision on and off because there wasn't an toggle button at all, neither in the genetic powers nor standard toolbar. (See attachment)

I know it's supposed to be there, because a patch note from last year specifically pokes fun at the fact that the eyeballs have a toggle.  In addition, one of the mentors said that there was indeed supposed to be a toggle in the standard bar.
Not confirmed, but I believe the eye things are actually in one of the tabs on the right. Whether they should be there is an entirely different question, but if it is there and working then that resolves this bug at least.

Anyone care to check and reply in here?
Tried this again. I didn't see anything that looked like a toggle, unless I missed something in the Special Verbs, Local, and Commands tabs.
not a thing on a right

i coded this, there should be a button with the other stuff