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Full Version: You can remove items from closets/containers with pull-drag
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I've known about this for a long while now, I think it's happened since that update that allows you to push items and retain the pull on them. It happens so often but I never saw a bug report for it so I figured I'd make one. Works on lockers, crates, morgue sliders, clone scanners, you get the idea.


1. pull object

2. place objecton tile with locker

3. close locker and do not move

4. click a tiles that is adjacent to both your sprite and the locker

5. the item/mob/whatever appears at the tile clicked on outside of the locker.
Containers include locked lockers, bodies out of scanners, and such. Specifically with the bodies in scanners, if you eject the body from the scanner after dragging the pulled-out body away, then the pulled-out body teleports to the scanner.
check .closed or whatever on containers

actually just check if it's part of an obj's .contents